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Terms and conditions

  • All offered Courses and programs in Pixelman and CGAnimation are Non-Vocational programs.
  • Pixelman and CGAnimation are two distinct sole-proprietorship companies, and each one offers different short courses for experts who are already employed in digital arts. All courses are pre-screened by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities in Ontario, and not registered under the Private Career Colleges Act of 2005.
  • Farid Ghasem Asad is the owner of Pixelman and CGAnimation.
  • If you are looking for a diploma or bachelor degree in this field of study, I recommend you to register at Sheridan College, Humber College, Seneca College, Centennial College or George Brown College.
  • We only enroll one to four students in each class. Our programs focus on private tutoring.
  • All Pixelman and CGAnimation courses provide additional skills to individuals already qualified and employed in the related occupation for the purposes of professional development or upgrading skills.
  • These courses are not designed for entry-level learners. They are recommended for experts who already have a moderate level of knowledge in their interest fields.
Pixelman and CGAnimation are private companies in advanced motion graphics and short course training.
  • Pixelman and CGAnimation programs are not vocational programs.
Person under 18 years old cannot register in any courses in Pixelman and CGAnimation.
  • All courses pre-screened by The Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities in Ontario, Canada, and programs do not need to be approved under the Private Career Colleges Act of 2005.
  • Some courses specialize in specific additions to a software program and do not train students in the entire program itself.
  • Students with more than three missing classes cannot continue their courses. Students must call their instructor and explain their absence reason at least 48 hours before the class begins.
  • Students who do not deliver assignments two days after deadline cannot continue their class, and their tuition will not be refunded.
  • The duration of all programs is less than 30 hours, and all fees, and tuition at Pixelman and CGAnimation are less than $ 950.
  • Pixelman and CGAnimation Programs cannot be bundled together.
* Tuition must be paid in full before the first day of your class.
Tuition costs have HST tax included.
  • The refund is not available after the student’s first class. Only 48 hours before the first day of first session (class), refund is possible, minus $150 of administration fees.
  • Before the end of each program, students must return all educational materials, such as CDs and books, they may have borrowed from Pixelman and CGAnimation.
  • Pixelman and CGAnimation will prepare an advanced resume for any student who has completed their course. There is no job guarantee.
  • Pixelman and CGAnimation are not a private career colleges, or community colleges. Pixelman and CGAnimation offers private tutoring for upgrading  skills.
  • By registering in any course or program from these websites (www.pixelman.ca) or (www.cganimation.ca), you agree in full with the above privacy and policy statements.