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Digital Layout ( Adobe InDesign) Course

Digital Layout ( Adobe InDesign) Course


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20 Hours for in Class Training

Tuition : $ 35 per hour

Digital layout is a non-vocational program and the advanced part of Adobe In-design for experts who already have enough knowledge in Adobe In-Design.

Digital Layout and Design is a blend of art and science. Today, with multiple target media (print, the Web, multimedia, video and display advertising), the designer must master different software programs and have a basic understanding of how to repurpose media with the idea in mind of creating once and publishing everywhere.

This short program will teach you how professionally to create layout for Newspapers, magazines, books, brochures and so on. What we are going to do for this course is learn several aspects of production, and, in the spirit of a liberal arts education, you will learn what you enjoy and what you would prefer to outsource in pursuit of you project goals. As object drawing programs go, this is the most versatile drawing and page layout program on the market today. Since its introduction in 1986, the program has remained pretty much the same as far as its tool set is concerned. The most significant improvements over the years came with tracing tools and pressure sensitive tablet tools.
This course will help you to improve your work experience in Graphic design, Wen design, and even motion graphics.